Beer label competition

BHBA announces a beer label competition. It will be held at the 6th International Home Brew Contest-Bulgaria 2018 Party
April 21, 2018 – Saturday at Club Terminal 1 – Sofia, 1, Angel Kanchev Str.

The conditions for participation are the following:
Anyone who wants can participate, regardless of occupation and experience.
The beer to be labeled is as follows:
– Style: 10A – Weissbier
-ABV – 5.2%
-IBU – 12
-OG – 12 * P
The name and layout are according to the preference of the participants. Attributes that must appear on the label are: the name, style and characteristics of the beer.

Up to 30 participants are allowed to participate. The deadline for registration is 10.04.2018

The participants must present their works on 21 April 2018. – Saturday to 11 o’clock in the following format: Sheet A4 in frame or passepartout, in which the label is enlarged; 500ml glass bottle with real size sticker.
The samples will be exhibited during the party and an independent jury will evaluate  them. After announcing the winner, he will receive 20l of the already mentioned beer in bottles.

Those wishing to sign up for this program can enroll at the following address:

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